We have been waiting for a year and a half for the recording of “Futari no Hoshi wo Sagaso”, a song we could not have imagined without his drumming. On October 27, 2021, the day came when I heard the news that he was feeling a little better!

When he appeared in the studio lobby, he first noticed my manager’s shirt. He said, “That’s our shirt, isn’t it? (Yukihiro Takahashi x martiniquegen’s. Everyday wear for sophisticated men).
Way to go, manager.

He needed a little help to get up the stairs to the studio. I asked him to listen to a temporary drum track in the studio, and then said, “Well, let’s do it.” I listened to him in the booth doing a sound check, and I was honestly amazed to hear decades of physical memory that has accumulated, bloomed, and perfected.
It was tone and beat that gave no hint of his conditions.

The recording session was completed without any problems. He sat on the sofa in the studio and talked for hours about the past, wine, etc., saying, “Hey hey, look at this picture.”
He really seemed to be enjoying the moment.

I think that it was now time that he was freed from the pain and anxiety of not being able to return to his music.

Thank you, Yukihiro!
See you again sometime, somewhere!

Taeko Onuki