We will be performing at Fukuoka’s outdoor music festival “CIRCLE”, which will be held for the 11th time this year.
We are now accepting early bird tickets by lottery for the tent tarp area until 1/14 (Sun).

• Event Name: CIRCLE ’24

• Performances by: Taeko Onuki, EGO-WRAPPIN’, Ohashi Trio, Yuta Orisaka(band), KIRINJI, Gusokumuzu, Good Luck Heiwa, Quruli, Zainichi Funk, cero, CHO CO PA CO CHO CO QUIN QUIN, TENDRE, Nagakumo, and more
 * Performance dates to be announced

• Date/Time: 2024/5/18(Sat) & 5/19/(Sun)
 9:30 OPEN/11:00 START

• Venue: Fukuoka Uminonakamichi Seaside Park Outdoor Theatre

• Official Website

• Pre-sale tickets
2024/1/1(Mon) 12:00〜

– Early bird 2-day pass (serial numbered) ¥16,000

– Early bird 4-persons set (serial numbered) ¥74,000
– 4, Early bird 2-day passes(¥16,000×4)
– Tent tarp designated area pass(¥10,000)
*Adds up to: ¥18,500 per ticket

– Early bird 2-persons set (serial numbered) ¥45,000
– 2, Early bird 2-day passes(¥16,000×2)
– Tent tarp designated area pass(¥13,000)
*Adds up to: ¥22,500 per ticket

Ticketing URL: https://eplus.jp/circle-fukuoka/
Available: 2024/1/1(Mon)12:00〜1/14(Sun)23:59
*Lottery/4 orders max per person
*Attendees with these serial numbered tickets will have priority early entrance, starting at 9:00.

• Tickets
Tickets on sale: 3/30(Sat)
[2-Day Pass]¥18,000 / Student Discount ¥14,000
[1 Day Pass]¥10,000 / Student Discount ¥7,000
 * All free seating
 * Includes taxes and park entrance fee
 * Junior-high students and below free admission
Student Discount: University, college and high school students. Please bring your student ID. You will be charged full ticket pricing without.

• For more information
 BEA Official Website http://www.bea-net.com/
 BEA Email info@bea-net.com
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