Tickets for the two 2023 dates were all sold out!
Concert “Peter and Friends” has been well received for its unique style, which includes sounds from the original multi-tracks and music using sequencers and synthesizers.
This year, three concerts will be held in Tokyo and Osaka.
Tickets will be available for advance reservation from Saturday, March 16, 2024.

• Event Name: Taeko Onuki Concert “Peter and Friends 2024”

• Performance by: Taeko Onuki
Febian Reza Pane(Acoustic Piano), Masato Suzuki(Bass), Manabu Sakata(Drums),
Kei Fushimi(Guitar), Shohei Amimori(Keyboards), toshi808(Sequencer)

• Venue / Dates:
– 2024/7/3(Wed) Tokyo Ebisu Garden Hall
 18:00 OPEN/19:00 START
– 2024/7/6(Sat) Osaka Zepp Namba
 16:00 OPEN/17:00 START
– 2024/7/9(Tue) Tokyo EX Theater Roppoingi
 18:00 OPEN/19:00 START

• Ticket Price: All reservation seating ¥11,000(tax in.) + Drink fee required

• Purchasing Limit: 4 tickets

• Age restrictions: Pre-school children not permitted

• Ticket Pre-Sales
Kyodo Tokyo ticket online pre-sales (first-come, first-serve)(digital/paper)
– Available: 2024/3/16(Sat)16:00-2024/3/31(Sun)23:59
– Online:
– Phone: 0570-550-799(Sat,Sun,Holidays 10:00~18:00 / Weekdays 11:00~18:00)
*Pre-Sales for the Osaka show are also handled here.

• “Tokyo” Ticket Agent Pre-Sales(Random Draw)
– Ticket Pia (Digital/Paper tickets)
 (P code: 266-424)
 1st Pre-Reserve:2024/4/1(Mon)10:00-2024/4/21(Sun)23:59
 2nd Pre-Reserve:2024/4/23(Tue)-2024/5/15(Wed)23:59
– e+ (Digital/Paper tickets)
 1st Pre-Order:2024/4/1(Mon)12:00-2024/4/11(Thu)18:00
 2nd Pre-Order:2024/4/19(Fri)12:00-2024/4/30(Tue)18:00
 3rd Pre-Order:2024/5/8(Wed)12:00-2024/5/16(Thu)18:00
– Lawson Ticket (Digital/Paper tickets)
 (L code: 71762)
 1st Pre-Request:2024/4/1(Mon)12:00-2024/4/15(Mon)23:59
 2nd Pre-Request:2024/4/23(Tue)12:00-2024/5/13(Mon)23:59

• “Osaka” Ticket Agent Pre-Sales(Random Draw)
– e+ (Digital/Paper tickets)
 1st Pre-Order:2024/4/3(Wed)12:00-2024/4/9(Tue)18:00
 2nd Pre-Order:2024/4/16(Tue)12:00-2024/4/24(Wed)18:00
 3rd Pre-Order:2024/5/1(Wed)12:00-2024/5/19(Sun)18:00
– Lawson Ticket (Paper tickets)
 (L code: 51394)
 1st Pre-Request:2024/4/3(Wed)12:00-2024/4/9(Tue)23:59
 2nd Pre-Request:2024/4/13(Sat)12:00-2024/4/23(Tue)23:59
 3rd Pre-Request:2024/4/27(Sat)12:00-2024/5/7(Tue)23:59
 4th Pre-Request:2024/5/10(Fri)12:00-2024/5/13(Mon)23:59
– Ticket Pia (Paper tickets)
 (P code: 278-311)
 1st Pre-Reserve:2024/4/5(Fri)11:00-2024/4/16(Tue)11:00
 2nd Pre-Reserve:2024/4/19(Fri)-2024/4/30(Tue)11:00

• Tickets on sale: Scheduled for 2024/5/25(Sat)10:00

• For Information:
– Tokyo performance
 Kyodo Tokyo
 TEL: 0570-550-799 
 Hours: Weekdays 11:00~18:00 / Sat,Sun,Holidays 10:00~18:00
– Osaka performace
 Kyodo Information
 Hours 11:00〜18:00 *Closed on Sundays and holidays

• Notice:
*Unless the concert is cancelled, there will be no refunds for attendee’s health concerns or Covid infections.
*Please be aware of your health conditions and venue environment when purchasing.