To commemorate the release of the first analog version of “UTAU” and the Blu-ray disc version of “UTAU LIVE IN TOKYO 2010,” a special screening will be held at 109 Cinemas Premium Shinjuku, a movie theater in Shinjuku where Ryuichi Sakamoto supervised the sound system of all theaters. The screening will begin on July 5 (Fri.) and run for three weeks.
A special talk event featuring Taeko Onuki will also be held on July 15 (Monday/Holiday).
*Jul.22 Update: Due to popular demand, the screening period has been extended until Wednesday, July 31.

// UTAU LIVE IN TOKYO 2010 Limited Special Screening
Dates: 2024/7/5(Fri)-2024/7/31(Wed)
Venue: 109 Cinemas Premium Shinjuku
Location: (9F、10F)
– CLASS S: ¥6,500(Cinema Point Members ¥6,000)
– CLASS A: ¥4,500(Cinema Point Members ¥4,000)
*Invitations and Cinema Point 6 point viewings invalid

Ticket purchase:
Tickets will be on sale at the official website of 109 Cinemas Premium Shinjuku from midnight 3 days prior to the screening date.

* Please see above website for details.
* The film to be screened is the same content as the DVD “UTAU LIVE IN TOKYO 2010 A PROJECT OF TAEKO ONUKI & RYUICHI SAKAMOTO” released in 2011. The sound, using the “SAION Super Real Effects (SSRE)” processing system, which reproduces conventional 2-channel stereo signals with three-dimensional ultra-realism while preserving the original sound. The staff who previewed the performance comments, “It was just as good as if we were playing in the International Forum”. Please enjoy a different experience from the Blu-ray and DVD you watch at home.
* Customers who purchase a Blu-ray or analog record of “UTAU” at the POST CREDIT Souvenir Store during the screening period will receive an “UTAU original clear file”.

// UTAU LIVE IN TOKYO 2010 Special Talk Event and Screening
MC: Susumu Kunisaki (RITTOR BASE Director)
Guest: Taeko Onuki
Date/Time: 2024/7/15(月・祝) 14:00〜17:00(予定)
– Talk session & listening to a few songs from the “UTAU” analog vinyl (Appox.45 min)
– Screening of “UTAU LIVE IN TOKYO 2010”
 ・CLASS S: ¥7,500
 ・CLASS A: ¥5,500
*Invitations and Cinema Point 6 point viewings invalid

Ticketing Schedule:
Tickets on sale from 2024/7/1(Mon) 18:00 at 109 Cinemas Premium Shinjuku Official Website.
Please select the date (July 15) from “SCHEDULE” and select the screening at 14:00.


MC Susumu Kunisaki Profile:
Born in 1963, is the director of RITTOR BASE. While working as the editor-in-chief of Sound & Recording Magazine, a magazine for sound creators for 20 years, he started a live recording event titled Premium Studio Live in 2010, and developed a label to distribute the recorded sound files in high-resolution format. At the end of 2018, he opened the multi-purpose studio “RITTOR BASE” and is working on producing new contents such as the “Touch that Sound!” exhibition, a sound installation featuring Sonic Surf VR, a spatial sound technology from SONY, and a live performance for distribution with binaural sound as the premise. From 2021, he will also serve as an outside director of InterFM897 Inc.

Click here for news about the first analog version of “UTAU” delivered on 2024/5/14 and the Blu-ray disc version of “UTAU LIVE IN TOKYO 2010”.