The live album “Taeko Onuki Concert 2022,” which had been out on streaming since June 16, 2023, will be released in high-quality Blu-spec CD2 format (playable on ordinary CD players) on November 15, 2023.

The live recording was held at “Taeko Onuki Concert 2022” on December 3, 2022, at Showa Joshi Daigaku Hitomi Kinen Kodo in Tokyo.

Featuring songs from the 1970s, the album includes “Tokai (都会)”, “Yokogao (横顔)”, “Umi to Shonen (海と少年)”, and the latest “Asa no Palette (朝のパレット)”. Plus for songs like “Peter Rabbit to Watashi (ピーターラビットとわたし)”, “Shikisai Toshi (色彩都市)”, “Happy-go-lucky” have used the studio multi-tape recordings to recreate the original atmosphere of the songs.

• Taeko Onuki Concert 2022
01. Yokogao (横顔)
02. Peter Rabbit to Watashi (ピーターラビットとわたし)
03. Shikisai Toshi (色彩都市)
04. Mon doux Soleil
05. Happy-go-Lucky
06. Genwaku (幻惑)
07. Volcano
08. Totsuzen no Okurimono (突然の贈りもの)
09. Summer Connection
10. Umi to Shonen (海と少年)
11. Tokai (都会)
12. Hoshi no Kiseki (星の奇跡)
13. Funade (船出)
14. Niji (虹)
15. Asa no Palette (朝のパレット)
16. Vegetable (ベジタブル)

Vocal: Taeko Onuki
Piano: Febian Reza Pane
Keyboards: Toshiyuki Mori, Shohei Amimori
Guitar: Hirokazu Ogura
Bass: Masato Suzuki
Drums: Takashi Numazawa, Tatsuo Hayashi

• Surround Sound Mix to be released on August 21
“360 Reality Audio” on Amazon Music Unlimited, and “Dolby Atmos” on Apple Music will be released.

The sound of “Taeko Onuki Concert 2022” in 360 Reality Audio is a brand new 3-dimensional experience.
360 Reality Audio uses Sony’s 360 spacial sound technology to position each sound source, such as vocals, chorus, and instruments in a spherical space. The end result is an immersive three-dimensional sound field that envelops you in the live concert space.
Dolby Atmos (spacial audio) will also be released on Apple Music.