The first Sapporo concert in about 8 years since 2015 will be held with an acoustic band!

• Event Name: Onuki Taeko “Pure Acoustic 2023”
• Performing Artists: Taeko Onuki, Febian Reza Pane(Acoustic Piano), Masato Suzuki(Bass), Grand Philharmonic Strings Quartet
• Date/Time: 2023/4/15 (SAT)
 16:45 OPEN, 17:30 START
• Venue: Sapporo City Doshin Hall
• Ticket Price: All reservation seats ¥7,700(tax included)
• Age restriction: Pre-school children not permitted

• Advanced Reservations:
Doshin play guide members advanced reservations

• Tickets on sale: 2023/2/15(WED) 10:00a.m.
– Doshin Playguide
 TEL: 0570-00-3871(10:00~17:00 Closed Sundays)
– Secoma Ticket
 Seiko Mart Copy Machine Code: A23041501
– Shimin Koryu Plaza Ticket Center(Sapporo Shimin Koryu Plaza 2nd Floor)
– Ticket Pia
– Lawson Ticket

• For information: Doshin Playguide
 TEL: 0570-00-3871
 Hours: 10:00~17:00, Closed Sundays