Tomoyo Harada’s 40th anniversary special concert will be held in Tokyo in October, and advance reservations are now being taken.
Onuki wrote Harada’s debut song “Chikatetsuno Zazie”, and since then, they have continued to collaborate, including Japanese translation lyrics for the single “Kareto Kanojono Sonnet”.
In recent years, they covered “Atarashii Shatsu” for the cover album “Renai Shosetu 3 – You & Me” released in 2020, and also recorded a duet of “Vegetable”.

• Event Name: Tomoyo Harada 40th Anniversary Special Concert “fruitful days”
• Performance by: Tomoyo Harada
• Guest Performances by: Taeko Onuki, Keiichi Suzuki, Hiroshi Takano, Asako Toki
• Date/Time: 2022/10/16(SUN) 16:00 OPEN/17:00 START
• Venue: Tokyo International Forum Hall A
• Ticket Price(Tax In.): S Seat ¥16,500(1st Floor First 5 Rows)/S Seat ¥12,000(1st Floor Front Half)/Reserved Seating ¥8,800
*Pre-school children not permitted
• Official Website Advanced Reservations: 6/20(MON)21:00 – 6/30(THU)23:59
• For Information:Hot Stuff Promotion 03-5720-9999(Weekdays 12:00〜18:00)