Happy New Year to you all.

There are twelve signs of the Japanese zodiac, and this year is the Tiger.
It is said to be a good year for “a new beginning” and “growing what is born”.

The 2 tigers in my house were once stray cats, but fate has brought our lives together.
I don’t know their exact age, but they are in good health.
The younger one, black and white, is always doing something on the hill that leads to our yard, but she is very dog-like and comes running when you call her.
The brown one was timid and was difficult to get along with, but recently she finally learned to give me a nudge instead of clawing me.

When I said to them, “Thank you for a great year, and let’s have another wonderful one.” they listened to me calmly, so I think they got the message.

By the way, I have two new songs!
Please look forward to them!
I hope you have a happy new year.

Taeko Onuki

*Please note – translated by staff, slight nuances may differ from the original message.